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-ow that the world is connected, not only by fax and phone, Internet and airplane but also by the increasing cooperation of different countries to create a global market place which exists in the same way as a local one used to. This has obvious benefits but it is also responsible for the current global recession which is affecting the world market place. A recession in one country creates a domino effect leading to a total world depression (1).
With each single benefit of technological invention comes an equal and opposite downside (2).
Conservation of energy law; A drawback which is almost certainly delayed, with equal and opposite force both in time and space. The laws of physics dictate that in order to change the property of one material into another then energy must be spent, and this almost always results in the production of heat as a direct byproduct. Along with the additional heat caused during the use of this technology, usually produced as waste due to friction, the total heat output is thus quite high.
In order to counteract this energy problem and produce a sustainable energy source, power from the sun, wind and water have become viable concerns.
The popular use of windmills for generating electricity, especially in California, brings about a recent change to the use of natural energy resources. But if the use of such things increases to a point whereby the worlds entire electrical needs are served by wind power alone then there must surely also be some type of negative effect. One drawback with wind turbines recently observed concerns the vibrations (caused by the blades) which travel downward through the ground upsetting the earthworms who then move away, leaving the soil dead. Another far more serious problem could effect the slowing down of the earth's rotation due to the increased amount of friction (or drag) caused by the vast numbers of wind turbines which will soon be in use. In a similar way wave machines which absorb the energy of the sea via the natural movement of the oceans (caused by the moon) could also effect minute alterations in the rotational speed of the planet due to the manmade redistribution and absorption of natural forces.
The additional effects of materialization within the last 200 years, buildings, roads, cars, and the general proliferation of objects, along with the rapidly exploding population figures will result in a small increase in the mass of the planet. This will obviously cause the velocity of the planet to very slightly decrease, resulting in severe climatic changes which will in turn have a profound effect on the earths behavior.

Rotating TVOne observation concerning the current popularity of environmental preservation involves the recycling logo which appears in several different formats but all with the intention of signifying that the wrapping or even the article itself is capable of being recycled. In an attempt at trying to become ecologically acceptable it seems as though every possible article now carries this symbol (even toxic chemicals). While working on a project consuming large amounts of photographic chemistry (3) I reversed one of the recycle logos so that the arrows pointed outward (accidentally making it look like a fascist insignia) and inadvertently invented the 'environmentally unfriendly ' logo.
Running alongside the global warming predicament comes the whole contemporary global communications link up, with present day satellite technology making it possible to send data, images and video from any point on the globe via portable hand sets that are not much larger than the mouth itself. Even in places where it is still impossible to reach, if you could get there, you would still have the possibility of making a call! The ultimate global communication tool, the mobile telephone, also has it's disadvantages and has recently been attributed with causing brain tumors amongst regular users, due to the powerful microwave frequency which the cell phone makes use of. But the great paradox of the mobile phone exists in the use of such a powerful communication system for the transmission of so much trivial and meaningless nonsense, its power thwarted by messages like "....I love you darling......"

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(1) It may even be possible that one tiny, insignificant event such as a single consumer refusing to make a purchase in an isolated village in one country could cause a "butterfly effect" resulting in a total world economic depression.
(2) The common domestic fridge (and air conditioning units) has been blamed for the destruction of the ozone layer due to the high amount of CFC's used in its cooling system.
(3) "Laundromat-Locomotion" 1997

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